Inspection performance of large oil refining and chemical plants


Nondestructive testing of 20 million T / a refining and chemical integration project of PetroChina Guangdong petrochemical company

Nondestructive testing of 600000 T / a ABS and its supporting projects of PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Jieyang branch

Nondestructive testing of 1.5 million T / a residue hydrotreating unit of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading development project of PetroChina Jinxi Petrochemical Company

Nondestructive testing of 1 million T / a continuous reforming unit and PSA combined unit of resource substitution transformation and upgrading project of PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical Company

Cracking furnace of light diameter synthesis and utilization unit of 1.2 million tons / young diameter synthesis and utilization project of Shandong Shouguang Luqing Petrochemical Company

Bid section 8 of nondestructive testing service for Sinochem Quanzhou 1 million T / a ethylene and oil refining reconstruction and expansion project

3.4 million T / a residue hydrogenation and 400000 T / a benzene extraction unit of oil refining quality upgrading and safety and environmental protection technical transformation project

NDT project of heavy oil processing and oil quality upgrading project in petrochemical plant area of Rizhao Landbridge port Petrochemical Co., Ltd

Huizhou refining and chemical phase II public works area process pipeline and heating pipe network project

Third party inspection of 10 million T / a atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit and 2.8 million T / a young hydrocarbon recovery unit of PetroChina Yunnan 10 million T / a oil refining project

Continuous reforming aromatics combined unit of PetroChina Yunnan 10 million T / a oil refining project (2.6 million T / a naphtha hydrogenation unit, 2 million T / a continuous reforming unit, 2 million T / a benzene extraction and aromatics separation unit)