What is the application of the detection technology of infrared oil detector


With the strengthening of the government's environmental protection work, the requirements for water pollution detection indicators are higher and higher. The emission content of petroleum, animal and vegetable oils affects the oil content in water quality. Infrared spectrophotometer is used to detect the content of petroleum, animal and vegetable oil and mineral oil in water. As early as 2000, the bulletin of China's scientific and technological research on environmental protection had announced that we had mastered the detection technology of infrared oil detector, which provided a favorable basis for later research and development.




In order to ensure that Luoyang CNPC testing Engineering Co., Ltd. maintains the independence of the organization during the implementation of testing activities, ensure the fairness of the testing process and its results and the confidentiality of customer information, and continuously meet the requirements of CNAS-CL01 and its application in relevant fields, the management measures for qualification identification of inspection and testing institutions, Rb / t214-2017, TSG z7005-2015, TSG z7003-2004, etc., the following statements and commitments are made:

1. The company carries out various testing activities in accordance with the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations, fully implements the requirements of contracts, standards, methods and procedures, follows the principles of objectivity, independence, fairness, honesty and trustworthiness, abides by professional ethics, assumes social responsibility, is not interfered or affected by commercial, financial, administrative and other interests, ensures the reliability of testing results, and assumes corresponding administrative or legal responsibilities for each report.

2. The company strengthens education and guidance and continuously improves the professional ethics and technical and professional quality of all employees. All personnel will not practice favoritism, favoritism or fraud in the process of implementing testing activities, and will not be affected by internal and external pressure such as reward and punishment, time limit, equipment, human resources, technical resources and customer relations.

3. The company stands on the position of a third party, and all testing activities are independent of the parties involved. Personnel at all levels shall not participate in product design, R & D, production, supply, installation, use or maintenance related to testing projects or similar competitive projects that may affect the fairness of testing results.

4. Personnel at all levels of the company will properly keep and keep confidential all customer information obtained or generated in testing activities. The information to be published in public (unless the customer has already published it) shall be approved by the customer in advance. If it is required by law or authorized by the contract to disclose the customer's confidential information, it shall notify the relevant customers or individuals of the information to be disclosed, unless prohibited by law.

5. When the company obtains information about customers from sources other than customers, it shall keep it confidential between customers and the company. Unless the information provider agrees, the company will keep the information provider confidential and will not inform the customer.

6. The company shall fully implement the responsibilities and obligations promised to the client, strictly abide by the agreement signed with the client, adhere to objectivity, science, impartiality and confidentiality, and prevent all events damaging the interests of the client.

7. In addition to carrying out the client's testing tasks, the company shall not use the client's technical materials and information to carry out all technology, development, consultation, service, trade and other activities that violate impartiality.

Respect for customers, equal treatment and fair treatment are the eternal purpose of our work. For the implementation and implementation of the above commitments, the company sincerely accepts the supervision of all aspects.